Display Message History within a Contact (for Salesforce Lightning)

The Message Sync package includes handy options for displaying the message history for each of your contacts. These options will sync back all the inbound and outbound messages you've received within Message and display them within your Salesforce Lightning Contact page.

To Start: Enable Message Sync

This step is pretty easy - just go to SV Sync -> SV Sync Setup, Pause your sync, scroll down to Settings and check the box next to Enable Message Sync. Now you can Start your sync again.


This will kick off a process to bring all your messages into Salesforce and allow you to setup your views. You have two options on how you can display the Message History within a Contact record. You're free to use either - or even both.

Option 1: Related List

To view your the Message History as a related list, you'll just need to add and configure the related list for your Contact.

  1. Go to Setup - Objects and Fields - Object Manager
  2. Select 'Contact'
  3. Go to Page Layouts - Contact Layout
  4. From the Contact Layout selector, pick Related Lists and find Messages in the available objects.
  5. Drag the Messages related list into your layout however you see fit.
  6. Select the wrench icon associated with the Messages related list
  7. Adjust the fields to whatever you want to see.
    1. The default fields are rubbish. You'll probably want Type, Message, Time, Sent By, Message Program.
  8. Click Save on the Contact Layout box when you're ready.

Once this is complete, you should see something like this in your Contact views:


Option 2: Activity History

You can also have your Message History appear as Tasks in the Activity History:

  1. Go to SV Sync - SV Programs
  2. Select the appropriate program
    1. If you can't see the program you want to select, toggle to the All view in List Views.
  3. Check the Create Contact Note option and hit Save

That's it! You should see something like this in your Contact views:


If the Create Contact Note option is not available (and you're using SV Sync v1.111 or higher):

  1. Go to Setup - Objects and Fields - Object Manager
  2. Select 'SV Program'
    Go to Page Layouts - Message Program Layout
  4. Add the 'Create Contact Note' field within the page layout.

HELP! I've done what you've said but no messages are appearing!

Due to the vagaries of Salesforce, it's possible that our automatic configuration didn't work quite right. We can force it to work with the following steps:

  1. Go to SV Sync - SV Programs and select the offending program
  2. Make sure the Message Sync Object field contains Contact__c
  3. Clear out the value in Last Synced Date/Time
  4. Click Save
  5. Go to SV Sync - SV Sync Setup and pause your Sync
  6. Go to Setup - Custom Settings and click the Manage link next to SV Public Settings
  7. Click Edit and remove the values next to:
    1. Last Messages Sync DateTime
    2. Last Sync DateTime
  8. Click Save
  9. Return to SV Sync - SV Sync Setup and start your sync again.

The above steps will ensure that Salesforce understands the right relationship between Messages and Contact and will force the sync to re-index all the messages that have been sent and received in Message based on that relationship.

If that doesn't work, reach out to your Account team and we're happy to help.


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