Setting the Message Customer ID as the Salesforce Contact ID

This article is for you if you already have contacts in Message, but are now setting up a Salesforce integration and want to change your data source for those contacts. The Salesforce sync will only work for contacts whose customer_ids in Message match their contact_id in Salesforce.


Step 1: Export your Message contacts

Navigate to the Programs tab, then click Export Contacts. Make sure the correct Program is highlighted on the left. This will email you a list of all of your data for the selected Program. 



Step 2: Export the Appropriate Salesforce Contacts

You will be using some Excel tricks to match up the Salesforce contact_id with the Message contact, so export a list from Salesforce that matches as close to possible the Message contacts. You could export everyone, but that would probably be overwhelming. In this file, make sure to include:

1. 18 digit contact ID

2. First and last name

3. Contact's phone number


Step 3: Match the Salesforce ID with the Message contact

You can go about this a few ways, but the most straightforward will usually be doing a VLOOKUP in Excel. Your lookup value will probably be based on the phone number you have in Message. You will want to copy and paste the 18 digit Salesforce ID into your file that you will re-import into Message


Step 4: Import back into Message

The final step is re-importing your file with the Salesforce ID in the customer_id column. You can remove all columns except signalvine_id and customer_id. If you still want to keep the value you previously used as the customer_id, you can move it to a different field and update via the import. The file you import should look like this:



To import back into Message, navigate to the Programs tab at the top, then Import Contacts. After you upload the file, be sure to select "Update existing contacts."




Now that you've set the Customer ID in Message as the Salesforce Contact ID, data will start to sync based on the field mapping you have configured in Message Sync or Message for Salesforce. If you haven't set up field mapping yet, as soon as you enable it the data will start syncing. 

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