Message Sync Release Notes


  • We've significantly re-written how we manage requests to create records in Signal Vine via Process Builder 
  • Adds an option to Administrative Tools to clear out records that are pending creation on Signal Vine
  • The process that creates new records in Signal Vine will no longer retry when it encounters an error due to a mistake in the Process Builder configuration
  • Added additional tools that will automatically fix issues with the sync index when records are removed from Salesforce or Signal Vine


  • Adjusted the Rebuild Index option to be more efficient
  • The sync process now automatically deletes tracking information for bi-directional fields when a field is no longer set to bi-directional
  • Errors no longer appear in the Sync Log when Process Builder is configured to to create new records in Signal Vine but SV Sync doesn't create the record because it already exists - this error is harmless and was causing confusion


  • Resolved an issue with reversing boolean field values wasn't being respected


  • Added a new Admin Tasks section that includes a number of options for resolving issues and managing records created by SV Sync:
    • Clear logs: clears all SV Sync log files
    • Clear messages: clears all Signal Vine message records
    • Clear Tasks: clears Task records created by SV Sync
    • Clear queue: clears any pending records from the sync queue
    • Reset field mapping: resets field mapping to the default state
    • Rebuild index: clears the index of records that are being synced and rebuilds it


  • Resolved an issue where our processes for verifying contacts caused a conflict with SV Push in certain cases


  • Tasks created by SV Sync now automatically get assigned to the Contact owner


  • Resolved an issue where having group_list mapped would prevent SV Push for successfully sending all records


  • Changed the presentation of messages in the Activity History
  • Added additional support for reversing boolean field values


  • Added an option to enable or disable the option to include messages in the Activity History for each program


  • Resolved an issue where system defaults for legacy date/time fields in Signal Vine could not be understood by Salesforce


  • Resolved an issue where date/time was not being parsed correctly for some fields


  • Customers may now include Signal Vine messages in the Activity History
  • Removed related fields from the list of fields available when mapping the Phone field


  • Customers may now opt to reverse boolean values when syncing
  • Customers may now set the lengths of the sync window (in minutes)
  • Due to too many people accidentally disabling the default trigger, the 'Enabled Trigger Creation' option has been moved to Custom Settings
  • Fixed a bug where SV Sync didn't always check to see if a record existed before trying to create new contacts in Signal Vine
  • Fixed a bug where some sync processes never dropped from the Sync Log


  • Resolved an issue where the sync could fail when a fields is blank
  • The default trigger that tracks changes for synced records is now more robust and will restart if another process causes it to fail


  • Customers may now set which record to track when a Lead is converted


  • Resolved an issue where a sync to Signal Vine could fail due to an improperly formatted payload


  • Added additional support for custom triggers and objects

v1.101, v1.100, v1.99, v1.98, v1.97

These versions were created to add logging and troubleshooting tools in support of resolving issues for customers using custom triggers and objects. They were not made available to customers.


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