Administrative Tasks in Message Sync

Enabling Administrative Tasks

In v1.115, we introduced a new Administrative Tasks section to Message Sync. This new section gives experienced administrators tools to perform tasks like clearing logs and resetting field mapping without needing to write code or use third-party tools.

By default, these new tools are disabled when Message Sync is installed. To enable them:

  1. Go to Setup - Custom Settings and click Manage next to Message Public Settings
  2. Click Edit and check the box next to Enable Admin Tools
  3. Clic Save

That's it. When you return to the Message Sync package, you'll now see an option for Admin Tools with Message Sync Setup.


What do these tools do?

These tools will give you options to clear records or reset settings that may help you resolve issues that arise over time. Most of these were built to address specific problems that our partner institutions have encountered, but they're more widely useful than just that.

  1. Clear All Logs
    This option will delete all the log entries (svtransit__Log__c) that SV Sync has created. 
  2. Clear All Messages
    This option will delete all copies of messages (svtransit__Message__c) from Signal Vine stored in Salesforce. 
  3. Clear All Tasks from Activity History
    This option will delete all Tasks that Signal Vine created. It will not delete Tasks that weren't created by Signal Vine.
  4. Clear Sync Queue
    This will clear all items in the sync queue and reset the queue count back to 0.
  5. Reset Field Mapping
    This will reset all the field mapping values back to their default state. Because resetting field mapping values can cause problems when the sync runs, this will also mark the program as inactive. Since inactive programs do not appear in Field Mapping, you will need to go to SV Programs and mark the program as active before re-mapping fields.
  6. Rebuild Index
    This will delete the records that index how each Signal Vine contact matches to their corresponding Salesforce contact (svtransit__Signal_Vine_Participant__c), then rebuild it based on the customer_ids stored in Signal Vine.
  7. Resync Contacts
    This will cause all records in the selected program to sync immediately.

Most of these processes may take a few minutes and the Administrative Tasks window should be left open until the process is complete. The count of items next most of the tasks will count down as the process proceeds, allowing you to get a sense of how long it may take.

If you close the window, navigate away or lose internet connection, the process will not complete. This isn't a problem, however - you can simply return and click the button again to pick up where you left off. If you attempt to navigate away while a task is in process, you'll get a browser warning asking if you really want to do so. You probably don't.

Fair Warning

These tasks are permanent and irreversible, so please tread carefully. Messages and Tasks can be recreated if they are cleared and the Rebuild Index task recreates the index immediately, but all other tasks will result in some sort of permanent and possible unrecoverable change. Be careful when using these tools and make sure you understand the task before using it.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to support for help.




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