Message Sync FAQs

What is Message Sync?

Message Sync is our free data-syncing Salesforce app for Lightning and Classic. It syncs contact and message data between your Salesforce instance and Message account.


Can I set up a test environment before syncing with live data?

Yes, you can download the Message Sync package to a staging Salesforce environment, and your account team can set up a test program in Message for you to work with first.


What type of data can I sync?

You can sync any contact data fields in Message by mapping fields to those on any Salesforce object. The data can flow from Message to Salesforce, vice versa, or bi-directionally. You also have the option to sync text messages on the contact record.


Can I use Message Sync for multiple programs?

Yes, you will just go through the field mapping process for each program, since usually the fields will be different.


Can I send texts through Message Sync?

If you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can trigger a text to go out through Journey Builder. Otherwise, if you want to text right from Salesforce, our other Salesforce app called  Message for Salesforce is going to be your better option. 


Can I push new contacts from Salesforce into Message?

Yes, there are two ways you can get contacts directly from Salesforce into Message using Message Sync. Message Push allows you to set a criteria of contacts and do a one-time push into Message. The other option is to set up a Process Builder process to sync new contacts on an ongoing basis. 


Interested in Message Sync? Ask your account team for the link to download.


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