Message for Salesforce FAQs

What is Message for Salesforce?

SV Messaging is our premium Salesforce Lightning app that allows you to sync contact and message data between Salesforce and Signal Vine, as well as text contacts directly through the interface.


Can I set up texting campaigns in Message for Salesforce?

While event and date-triggered automated texts will still need to be configured by the Signal Vine team, you can text individual contacts or send a bulk message directly through SV Messaging.


Will my staff still need to log into the Message platform?

You can achieve the majority of tasks in Message for Salesforce that you can in the Message platform. However, the two systems do not have exact parity yet. There might be instances when your staff will want to log into the web application for advanced functionality.


Can I choose which programs I want to use Message for Salesforce for?

Yes you can choose to enable data syncing and messaging on a per program basis.


Can I see a contact's texting history on their profile in Salesforce?

Yes, Message for Salesforce creates a Lightning component on the contact's record that allows you to see the texting conversation history with other staff, and text directly from the profile.


Interested in Message for Salesforce? Ask your account team about pricing.



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