Adding the Texting Conversation to a Contact Profile

Message for Salesforce includes a lightning component that allows you to view and send messages to a contact right from their profile. This component can be added to any object that you have chosen to sync with, not just the Contact. Follow these steps to be able to view texting conversations and send messages without having to go from the Messages tab:


Step 1: Click the gear icon, then "Edit Page"




Step 2: Scroll on the left to see the "Custom - Managed" section of the lightning components. Drag SV Message History to anywhere on the page. Make sure the section you want to add it to is highlighted.



Step 3 (optional): You can place the texting conversation on a new tab on the page by highlighting a tab, and then selecting "New Tab" on the right side. We recommend naming it "Message" or "Texting Conversation" or something similar.



Step 4: Click "Save" and this change will update all contacts that have a corresponding Message participant record in Salesforce.

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