How do I opt contacts out in bulk?

Account admins and program admins

Programs tab

Message will automatically opt out any contacts that text in keywords such as stop, cancel, or unsubscribe (talk to your Account Manager about adding additional custom keywords). Users can also opt out contacts manually, either individually or in bulk.
For more information on opting contacts out individually, click here
To opt contacts out in bulk, start by creating a CSV file with two columns: customer_id and active. Input the customer_id of each contact that you would like to opt out. For each contact, make the active field FALSE. Save the file as a CSV.

In Message, click Import Contacts, then select the appropriate program at left. Click Import Contacts, and upload your CSV file. Uncheck the box to Import new contacts, and check the box to Update existing contacts. A box will appear displaying the field headers in your file. Be sure to select active, but if you included additional columns in your CSV file, you can also select additional fields.

Choose an error setting (the default option only runs the file if no errors are encountered; the first option runs the file regardless of errors, but gives detailed information on what rows were skipped and why). Finally, click Start Import. Once the file runs, a summary will appear with the number of updated contacts and the number of errors.


We've created a CSV file with two columns: customer_id and active. We've entered the customer_id of each contact we'd like to restart, and set every active value to false. We'll save the file as a CSV.

Image of CSV File


After navigating to Import Contacts and selecting our CSV file, we'll uncheck the Import new contacts box, and check the Update existing contacts box. When the list of profile fields appears, we'll choose to update the active field. We've selected to Only import the file if there are no errors. We'll click Start Import to upload the file and opt the contacts out.

 Image of how-to opt out contacrs in bulk

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