How do I edit a contact's profile data?

All users

Contact profile (accessible by clicking a contact's name anywhere on the site)


Any user can make edits to contact data directly in the contact profile. Red asterisks indicate fields that cannot contain a blank or null value. Date fields are denoted with calendar icons, Time fields with clocks, and Boolean fields with checkboxes. Numeric and Float fields will have increment arrow buttons at the right when you hover over the field. String fields are regular text boxes.

Here is an example contact profile. Click on any field to make an edit to that field, and be sure to save your changes afterwards. 

Image of Contact's profile

To edit data, simply click on the data value you would like to change. Type the new value or select it from the calendar and/or time picker, and click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the change. 

To learn more about updating participant data in bulk, click here.


If a field value is greyed out, the field is read only and cannot be edited on the platform. Certain fields (such as signalvine_id, customer_id, created_at, etc) are read-only by default, and cannot be edited directly via the profile. Admins can also make any additional fields in their programs read only to prevent edits. Speak with your admin if there's a value that you are unable to change.

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