How do I add a single contact?

Account admins and program admins (and counselors, if permitted)

Programs tab


Click the Programs tab, then click Add New Contact. At the left, select the program you would like to add the contact to. A form will appear with all of the data fields for that program. Any field with a red asterisk is required and cannot be left blank, while any fields without an asterisk can be left blank. Fill out any required information, and any additional optional information, for the contact. Click Add Contact at the bottom right of the screen. Once created, a contact can immediately be messaged, searched for, etc. 


We'll fill out any fields with red asterisks, and any additional data fields that we'd like to populate for the contact.

Image of Add a Single Contact Tab


Once we've input all of the data, we'll click Add Contact

Image of Add Contact botton to save

If you're a counselor and you don’t see the Add Single Contact feature, talk with your admin about adjusting the program settings.

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