How do I delete a group_list?

Account admins and program admins

Programs tab

To delete a group you must remove every contact from that group.

To do so, export contact data from the specific program. To learn more about exporting contact data, click here.

Once the file has been exported, delete all headers except for signalvine_id OR customer_id and group_list. You will be making changes to the group_list column.

Our best practice for removing the group from a file is to find and replace the group value with another value. Be sure every contact belongs to at least one group. If the contact was in more than one group, make sure to remove the semicolon in the group_list column.

image of a sample csv file showing customer_id and group_list headers and data

Once you've removed the value from the group_list column for all contacts in the file, save the file and import it back into the program. Before importing, make sure that every contact has a value in the group_list column. When importing the file to the proper program select "update existing contacts" and then select group_list when prompted with which fields you'd like to update. We recommend opting to only import the file if it contains no errors.


image of import contact page, showing update-existing-contacts selected and group_list selected before clicking start import




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