How do I adjust counselor settings?

Account admins and program admins

Programs tab


Start by clicking Settings, and selecting a program at the left.

Allow adding single contact

This setting gives counselor-level users permission to add a single contact to the program. When this setting is enabled, counselors will be able to view and use the Add Single Contact feature.

Allow disabling individual messages

This setting allows counselors to disable individual program messages. Counselors can always delete scheduled one-to-one messages, but by enabling this feature, they will be able to remove scheduled program messages for individual contacts.

Prevent viewing personally identifiable information

When this setting is enabled, last names and the last four digits of every phone number will not be visible to any counselor. The last name will be shortened to the last initial, and the last four digits of the phone number will appear as XXXX.

Prevent activation

This setting prevents counselors from opting opted-out contacts back in. Admins will still be able to those contacts back in, and counselors will still be able to opt any contact out.

Allow sending images

This setting allows counselors to send an individual or a group of contacts they have access to an image or gif.

After making changes to any settings, click Save at the bottom of the page.


Image of Settings tab, Counselor Settings at the bottom

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