How should I assign permission levels across my organization?

In Message, there are three types of users: Account Admins, Program Admins, and Counselors. Account Admins have access to all contacts across all programs, Program Admins can only access and interact with contacts in their specified program(s), and Counselors only have access to the contacts belonging to a specific group list within a program. 

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However, we often hear questions from institutions regarding the best way to use these roles in practice. The best way to assign user roles is going to be determined by how you are defining programs and group lists in Message. There are a couple common ways that our most successful customers use the user roles within the platform:


Account Admins: CIOs, Provosts, Head of Student Services, Director of IT

Program Admins: Department Heads

Counselors: Department employees, Analysts, Work-Study employees


As a reminder, Account Admin user types can see all programs in Message and have administrative access to all programs. Program Admins have administrative access to their assigned program and Counselors do not have administrative access to their assigned programs and can only interact with the group list which they have been assigned.


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