How do I resend or revoke a user invitation?

Account admins and program admins

The settings gear at the top right

If you log in through your institution's portal, your account utilizes SSO. This guide is intended for accounts without SSO.

Resend Invitation

Account and program admins are able to resend invitations to users who have not created their login within 48 hours of being invited. To do this, click on Pending Invitations under the User Management heading. From here, click on the paper airplane icon to resend the invitation to the user's email address. You can view the invited user's permission level by clicking on the eye icon.

Image of User Management screen depicting the Pending Invitations tab

Revoke Invitation

If you need to revoke an invitation you have sent to a user before they have accepted it, click on Pending Invitations under the User Management heading. Then, click on the red X icon next to the user's name. That user will no longer have access to register their account on the platform.

Image of the Revoke Invite pop-up with the button to revoke the invite for user

Revoking a pending invitation will not notify the user of that change. If they click on the original invitation email after their invitation has been revoked, they will receive an error, letting them know that they are not able to register for their account ("The link you followed is invalid"). Because of this, be sure to let your users know if you are revoking their invitation (when necessary)!

For information on how to invite new users click here.


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