How do I invite Counselors in bulk?

Account or Program Admins


Before getting started, make sure you know the Program ID for each program that you're inviting counselors to join. The Program ID can be found under Settings in the Programs tab. Afterward, create a file that contains the users' email and programid and group_list.  Your file should look something like this when it is ready to be uploaded (make sure it is saved as a CSV file). 

Image of a CSV file with three columns: programid, group_list, and emails


Once you have the CSV file, navigate to the User Management tab in Settings. Click the Invite New User button at the top right-hand corner of the platform and choose Counselors from the dropdown menu.

Image of the User Management tab after clicking the Invite New Users button


Once selected, a window will pop up. Select the option that says Invite multiple users (bulk). 

Image of the Invite New Users - Counselor pop-up, with Invite multiple users (bulk) selected


Select the CSV file from your computer that contains the user information. Then click the Review button. Use this search bar to spot check your users and the invites you're about to send. When confident, click Invite and users will receive an email invitation from to create their accounts. 

Image of the bulk user invite confirmation page showing three new users to add

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