How do I update the permissions of existing users?

Account admins and program admins


Account and program admins can update and the access rights for existing users. Account admins can do this for all programs, while program admins can only update the permissions for the program(s) they have admin access. 

After clicking the rotating gear at the top right of the platform, click Settings and then User Management

You'll see all the Active Users on the User Management page, including their emails and their roles.

Image of users and their active roles


Click on the pencil icon in the action column for the selected user. In the pop up screen, choose the additional role, the program, (if applicable) the group, and hit the plus sign at the end of the row. Once all the groups have been added to a user, click Save to put the changes into place and have the user log out and log back in to see their updated access.

In the image below, the May group is being added to Alia's permissions. 

Image of new group being added to counselor permissions

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