How do I reset my password?

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If you forget your password or would like to create a new one, head to and click Forgot password. On the next page, enter your email address and click Reset. You will receive an email from Click the link in the email, and once the page opens, type your new password. Type your new password again to confirm, then click Reset. After your password is updated successfully, you can log in using your email and your new password!


We'll start by clicking Forgot password?

Image of Signal Vine log in featuring 'forgot password'


Next we'll enter our email address and click Reset.

Image of 'Forgot your password?' enter email box


When the email arrives we'll click the here link.

Image of email and 'click here' link


We'll enter our new password, enter it again to confirm, and then click Reset

Image of 'reset your pasword' screen

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