Scheduling an Automated Intro Message for New Contacts

Account admins and program admins

There are two ways for somebody to become a new contact record in Message - they can be added to the platform (by manual csv upload or by automating data uploads/integrating with your system of record) or they can opt-in by texting an advertised phone number.

This article covers the best practices for scheduling an automated intro message for any contact that you add to the platform. For best practices regarding an opt-in intro message, check out this article .

When a new contact record is first added to Message, we get really excited to communicate with them as soon as possible. That being said - it's really important to make sure we're introducing our contacts to the new phone number that they'll be receiving texts from so that we set expectations and establish rapport from the start. The easiest way to do this is by setting up an Automated Intro Message that goes to all new contacts when they're first added to the Message platform. 

A strong intro message should accomplish three goals; 1) it should introduce the organization/individual that is reaching out, 2) it should clearly establish the reason for establishing this new connection, and 3) it should provide contacts with the knowledge that they can opt out of receiving messages at any time. 

Example Intro Message: "Hi [first_name], this is Advisor from Org Name/Department, and I'll send a few texts a month to help support you and keep you on track. You should save this number in your phone so that you can reach out to me at any time. If you don't want these text messages, you can reply Cancel at any time"


Once you determine your initial intro message, Message can automate this message so that it is automatically scheduled for every new contact on the platform. There are three primary strategies to schedule your intro message - 

1. The intro message can be scheduled to go out X minutes after import. For example, 15 minutes after a contact is created, the intro message sends after that initial delay regardless of what timthe contact is added to Message.

2. The intro message can be scheduled to go out at the same time every day, meaning if you set an intro to go out at 11am, any contact added before 11am that day will get the intro message, but if they're added at 11:01 or later, they won't get the intro message that day (but you can still send an ad hoc welcome message to those contacts)

3. The intro message can be scheduled to go out the next day at the same time every day, meaning if you set the intro to go out the next day at 11am, no matter what time a contact is added, they'll get the message the following day at 11am (but if you want to message the contact immediately, you need to send an ad hoc welcome message and delete the scheduled intro message)


Each option has benefits depending on your unique situation. Please consider the following recommendations and best practices - 

Option 1 - Best Option for immediate access to the contacts without needing to send ad hoc intro messages or delete the scheduled intro message. However, contacts should not be added late at night or on weekends if the message will be sent at an inappropriate time or counselors won't be available to answer text messages.

Option 2 - Best Option if contacts are added at the same time everyday. For Example, if new contacts are always added at 9am through an automated import, we can schedule the intro to go out at 10am every day. No contacts should be added after the intro message goes out unless an adhoc intro message is sent. The Best Practice would be to wait until the next morning when the sync runs again.

Option 3 - Best Option for every contact to get an automated intro message and control for what time the intro message sends. However, if a contact is added at 2pm and you want to message them right away, you should delete that contact's future intro message so contacts don't get a confusing intro message the following morning after they've already started texting you.


If you need help determining the best course of action for your program or would like to update your intro at any time, you can reach out to your Account Team to help walk you through next steps.

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