What is Auto Enroll and how can it be used?

The Auto Enroll function determines how Message handles unknown phone numbers. When Auto Enroll is enabled, messages from unknown numbers will appear in your inbox. Auto Enroll can be enabled or disabled on a per program basis. When enabled, you have the ability to collect data from students who text into your program. This is useful if you are advertising your texting number and anticipate getting inbound texts from unknown numbers (e.g. recruiting).

However, if you aren’t sharing the texting number, most likely the only inbound texts you will receive will be from spam numbers, which will clutter up your inbox and waste time. If Auto Enroll is disabled, texts from unknown phone numbers will not appear in your inbox.

If you'd like to change your status of Auto Enroll for a program in your account, please contact support and a member of your Account Team will be happy to help.




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