How do I handle an inappropriate contact?

We'd like to believe that every message that you receive will be positive, unfortunately, that's not always the case. Sometimes there are contacts that get a little unruly, and below are a few tips to help control the situation: 

  • Respond to the contact and make sure they know there's a real person on the other end. A lot of times people start off thinking they're talking to a robot, but once they realize that someone is reading and responding to the messages, we tend to see an immediate change in behavior along with a string of apologies.

If the contact is still acting out:

  • Opt them out of the messaging. This doesn't block their messages from coming in, however, it will prevent them from receiving any future messages that "bait" them
  • If you do NOT have auto-enroll turned on, change the contact's number. Your account is not set up to receive messages from "unknown" numbers, so changing this contact to a fake (555) number, will block new messages from coming in.
  • If you have auto-enroll turned on, there's no way to block a number, however you can create a group for these contacts that segment them from your population. Then you can contact your Implementation Specialist to delete the group from the program. 
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