Message 101 Webinar - Feb 2024

Message 101 - Feb 2024

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Webinar Q&A Followup

How can you create subgroups from all the contacts 

Create a group_list for a single contact:
Create a group_list for more than one contact:
How do you set up tags? 

If you want to use the mail merge “tag” option when sending a message, you will need to make sure you’ve already filled out the “Program” and “group” field of your new message. This will cause the “tag” option to appear!  

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.28.46 PM.png


How do you create text templates? 

How to set up program messages using the message template: 

How do you add the comma in the Excel spreadsheet? 

Copy and paste a list of phone numbers into your message from a .csv file or list:   

We had someone no longer employed. How do we delete them as a user? 

Delete a User: 

Do you have a printable power point? 

Yes, I attached it to this article! 

How do we set up a hierarchy of admins?

Suggestions for admin organization:

How to update user permission: 

Is there a particular format the data needs to be in for upload? 

CSV Data File FAQ:   

If you schedule a message for a future date, can you edit or cancel it? 

Edit a future scheduled message:  

Can you demo messaging an individual rather than a group? 

Send a message to a single contact:  

Is this the same as creating a group?(in reference to copy and paste)

No, copy and pasting a list of contacts into your message WILL NOT create a new group.  

Can contacts be uploaded in bulk via an excel list? 

Adding new contacts:

File Import Checklist: 

How do I manually create a contact (as opposed to importing from a file)? 

Manually add a single contact: 

How do you change what the first group entry is? 

The first group entry will simply be the first group listed in the group_list column. For example, Lila is in two groups: "2015;Boston.” Her first group is 2015. To make Boston appear as her first group, swap them around to ”Boston;2015.”



How do you add the comma in the Excel spreadsheet? 

You will use this formula in your spreadsheet: =TEXTJOIN(",", TRUE, A1:A100) Here is a detailed explanation: 

I just turned on receive desktop notifications.  I wanted to uncheck it.  But now it has been greyed out? 

Desktop notifications:  

We had someone no longer employed. How do we delete them as a user? 

Delete a user: 

When is the next training? 

Training Webinar Schedule: 

I'm really new to the site but where do you reach out for support to set up program messages?

Submit a ticket on the helpdesk, or reach out to! 

How can I delete contacts?

Long story short, you will need to work with support to permanantly delete contacts, however you are able to archive contacts, set them as inactive, or set an invalid phone number to make sure they never get messaged.

Is there a way to know if the phone number is still active? For example, if someone calls a inactive number, it says that the number is not active. Is there a system in place that would let us know if a number is not active. 

When you export your contacts you can check the phone_valid column. Phone_valid will be FALSE if the number is landline or otherwise not able to accept SMS.

How to export contacts:

If I am a counselor, will I be able to see the message history or everyone who has texted a contact, or on the messages I sent? 

In inbox, counselors can only see conversations for contacts they have access to within the group lists assigned to them.

What would be the reason the First name tag would not populate?  And it would send as first name vs "Emily" 

Yes. If text is copied/pasted in from Microsoft Word or other softwares with automatic formatting. Please use notepad or type message into the box manually   

If you copy and paste contacts this way, what's the impact on your license cost? 

Bulk messaging is the same as any other type of messaging and will not impact your cost!

Is there a way to see past text in this calendar? 

No, but past texts can be viewed via message export.

Message Export:

When I use the first name tag, the name is sent in all CAPS. How do I change this? 

This is an issue with the student data, it likely was imported as all caps. If automated imports are used, you will need to work with data source to change this. Manual import could also update but would be overridden if automated import had the all caps.

When you add a single contact, will it show up in your contacts if you search for that added single contact? 

Yes, it can take 5-10 minutes to appear depending on the time of day added



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