How and when should I use the Autoresponder?

Message's Autoresponder tool functions a lot like an out-of-office message does for your email. When activated (see here on how to configure), the responder will automatically send a customizable message to any contact that texts in. Unlike other automated messages in Message, the Autoresponder will leave conversations in the Action Needed folder after sending so that you can respond to them upon your return. Many users ask when they should or should not use this feature. 

The most important thing to note about our Autoresponder is that it is manual to turn on and off. Therefore, we don't recommend activating it every day when you leave the office, because it could become cumbersome to manage, and you could easily forget to turn it off, having it send messages when you don't intend it to. Instead, we recommend using it only when no one will be able to respond to message for several days, like over holidays. This way, the contacts understand that it is indeed real people who are responding to them, and know when to expect an answer. 

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