How do I use the Virtual Advisor?

Go to the gear icon at the top right corner and click Settings. Screenshot_2023-05-25_at_10.13.10_AM.png

Next, click Virtual Advisors from the menu at the top. Screenshot_2023-05-25_at_10.16.18_AM.png

Click edit to view the list of standard questions. By default, you are brought to the Answered Questions tab. Image of Virtual Advisor Answered Questions previewYou can filter this list by topic using the dropdown at the top of the screen, search for specific questions using the search bar to the right, and edit/delete answers by using the icons at the end of each question. 

From the Available Questions tab, you can view additional questions that don't have answers programmed in. To activate a question, click on the plus sign, type your response (you can even include emojis) and click SaveAny question left blank will be ignored by the Virtual Advisor, and will not be answered.

Image of setting Virtual Advisor response to the question What are the Admissions Requirements

When a recognized variant of any activated question is received, the Virtual Advisor will automatically answer with your saved response and the conversation will go to your No Action Needed folder. If a contact texts in and the question is not recognized, that conversation will be in your Action Needed folder.


Image of conversation history showing response from the Virtual Advisor Siggy with a gear icon


The Virtual Advisor will only answer a question if a user has not sent that contact a message within the past 10 minutes.

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