Overview of Message's structure

There are 5 main areas of Message:

  1. Messages tab
  2. Contacts tab
  3. Programs tab
  4. Analytics tab
  5. Settings (accessed via the gear icon at the top right)

Message Tab

The Messages tab displays all inbound and outbound messages for every contact that you have access to. At the top left, you can search through message content, direction, sender, date, and more. At the right you will see the conversation you currently have selected - you can scroll through the history and respond to the contact directly from the inbox.

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Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab shows every contact that you have access to. At left you can check and uncheck to filter by program and group. In the search bar above, you can search through contact data. 

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Programs Tab

The Programs tab contains the following features:

  • Message Calendar: view all upcoming messages for each program
  • Settings: control program display name, and program and counselor settings
  • Add Single Contact: easily add a single contact to a program
  • Export Contacts: export all contact data for a program
  • Manage Fields: add new custom fields, and adjust settings for existing fields
  • Import Contacts: add new contacts or update existing contacts in bulk
  • Auto Responder: set up messages to send automatically when you're out of office

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 9.57.16 AM.png

Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab shows metrics and statistics for your contacts, messages, and counselors.

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Clicking the gear allows you to log out, adjust Settings, and visit Message's user community.

The Settings section contains the following features:

  • Adjust your name and phone
  • Adjust your notifications
  • User Management: add new users, delete existing users, manage existing user permissions
  • Virtual Advisor: turn Siggy on or off, and adjust responses
  • API: token creation, endpoint testing, and signature verification

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