How do I add a new counselor and assign groups?

Account admins and program admins


Counselors are able to message with and manage the specific contacts within their specific group_list. Admins are able to control specific settings and functionality available to counselors within the programs tab. Click here to learn how to adjust counselor settings.

Follow these steps to invite a new counselor to the platform.

1. Click the gear (Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 2.37.00 PM.png) at the top right section of the platform.

2. Click Settings.

3. Select the User Management tab.

4. Click the Invite New User dropdown arrow.

5. Select Counselors.

You'll see all the Active Users on the User Management page, including their emails and their roles.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 2.33.52 PM.png 

Type the email address for the new counselor and then click into the Select Program(s): field. Account Admins can grant access to as many groups as needed across any program in the account, whereas a Program Admins can invite counselors to any group within the program(s) they have access to. As you start typing group names, the search bar will auto-populate with relevant groups that match the spelling.


Once you input the email address, add one or multiple groups based on your preferences. Click Invite to generate an email invitation for the counselor to set their login information.

Image of counselor being invited with their email address and assigned group

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