How do I edit future scheduled messages?

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Messages scheduled for a later date can be edited at any time prior to sending. Account admins have the ability to edit all future messages for every program in the account. Program admins have the ability to edit all future messages the programs that they have access to. Counselor-level users have the ability to edit any message that they have scheduled. 


Accessing a message in calendar view 

Start by clicking Message Calendar and selecting the program at the left that contains the message you want to edit. Navigate to the appropriate month and click on the message. A preview will appear with the scheduled message time, the recipients, and the content of the message. Click the pencil edit icon at the top right of the preview window to edit the message.

Image of the message calendar, with the message preview you window opened.


Accessing a message in list view 

Start by clicking Message Calendar and selecting the program at left that contains the message you want to delete. At the top right, click List. Scroll to find the message that you would like to delete. All future messages will appear chronologically. Hover over the message and the pencil edit icon will appear - click the icon.

Image of the message calendar in the calendar-list view.


Editing the message

To edit who the message is scheduled for, click into the Send To box. Click the X next to a program, group_list, or contact to remove them from the recipient list. To add a recipient, start typing a program name, list name, or contact name - click the matching result. To edit the content of the message, click into the Message box.

To attach a photo or gif, click on the image icon at the bottom right. Click Select files to upload to choose your attachments. Once you've selected your file(s), click the pencil icon at the bottom right to return to the text editor. Click the X over an attachment to remove it.

To edit the send time of the message, make a selection next to Delivery Date. For immediate delivery, select Now. To select a future date and/or time, click Future Date and select the new date and time.

Once you have updated the message, click the green Next icon. After reviewing the confirmation screen, click the green Update icon. The edits will now be reflected on the calendar or list view. 


With the editor open, we can edit any part of our message (recipients, content, attachments, and/or send time). We'll click Next to review our edits.

Image of the Edit Message window opened.


After reviewing the updates, we'll click the green Update icon to confirm our changes. 

 Image of the Edit Message confirmation screen. 

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