How do I view/delete future messages for a single contact?


Account admins and program admins

Messages tab


Viewing future messages for a single contact

In the Inbox, click on the message thread of the contact for which you would like to see future messages. If that contact has any future program scheduled, bulk scheduled, or one-to-one scheduled messages, you will Scheduled Messages above their message thread. If that contact has no future scheduled messages, that menu item will not be visible. Click on Scheduled Messages to see the content, the sender, and the send dates/times of the future messages.

In this example, we're in the inbox view. We've clicked on the contact's message thread and will now click on Scheduled Messages under the contact's name on the right side of the page.

Image of the Messages tab, with a contact's full conversation thread opened.

After clicking Scheduled Messages, we can now see all future scheduled messages for this contact.

Image of the contact's future scheduled messages.


Deleting a message from the contact's Scheduled Messages list

Depending on your program’s settings (determined by your administrator), you will either be able to delete only the one-to-one messages you have scheduled or any of the messages. Do this by clicking on the trash can icon that will appear if you hover over one of the messages. A popup will appear with message details. Click Yes, delete it! The message will disappear from the calendar. 


Image of the deletion confirmation screen for deleting one of the contact's future scheduled messages.


If the message you would like to delete contains automated responses or will be saving contact responses, you will see a popup window indicating that you are unable to delete that message. In that case, reach out to your Customer Success team and we will delete the message for you!

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