What is the difference between the "Action Needed" and "No Action Needed" folders in the Inbox?

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In your inbox, your conversations can be viewed in three different folders: All, Action Needed, or No Action Needed. 

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All Folder: The All folder will show every conversation that you have with your contacts. It's important to note that the number that appears in the left-hand menu will never go down, but will go up as more of your contacts text you back. 

Action Needed Folder: If a contact texts in and doesn't receive a text back either from the Virtual Advisor or other automation set up for your program, that conversation is automatically placed in the Action Needed folder. Since these contacts haven't yet received a text back, Message highlights them as conversations that might need a follow up from a user. Once a user has either followed up, or determined that there wasn't a follow up action necessary, a conversation can be moved to the No Action Needed folder, by clicking on the exclamation point icon at the top right of the conversation. 

Image of individual conversation highlighting icons at the top right


No Action Needed Folder: Conversations are automatically placed in this folder when a contact receives an automated message; either from the Virtual Advisor or from additional automation built in the program. Conversations can be manually pushed to this folder once a user determines that there's no additional action needed at this time. 


When thinking about managing your inbox, your goal should be to get the Action Needed folder down to zero. This means that all of your contacts have either received a message back OR a user has determined that the conversation is complete at this time. 

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