Event-Triggered Messages: May 2024 Webinar


  1. Create a new custom field.
  2. Set up automated messages.
  3. Program messages using the message template

Need a copy of the current program message template? Email message-support@moderncampus.com! 


1.  Do you have a recommendation for how to check the accuracy for templates? My accuracy question is about making sure they show up correctly in the outgoing messages. Do you have an internal QA process.

  • Our internal process starts with a test on a simulator until it's perfect, and then we verify on the platform once it's pushed to production) and then recommend the Message Calendar. That's where they can see all the texts going out in the future.

  • You can also run an advanced search for specific criteria & check the "scheduled messages" of individual contacts to ensure that the criteria matches what you’re looking for!

2. So if I wanted to send out a questions to our high school seniors with multiple answers like "Which university of college will you be attending?" Can we do that?

  • Possible Solution:

    • Save to a string field, then go in and review/align the data.

    • For save responses/handlers, we can set it as “response to any” in case they want a response to say “Thanks for sharing!” and then we can also save the full response provided by the student.

3. What is the best way to set up if the trigger may occur multiple times, but you only want the message to go out once or like every 5th time?

  • Contacts can only receive the message one time, so folks wanting multiple messages (usually something like appointment reminders) will end up programming multiple of the same message, we just add in conditions as a backup.

  • Not sure how we would make it work for “every 5th time” but if they email support with more details we may be able to help once we know more!

4. Is it possible to format the date like this mm-dd-yy in outgoing messages when using a mail merge? Currently it's in yyyy-mm-dd format, which sometimes is confusing to students.

  • We have had customers use the date field to help trigger the message and then bring in the same date data into a string field to make it more user-friendly to students.




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