How do I avoid spam filters from mobile carriers?

When you're finally up and running and ready to send texts from Message, the last thing you want is for your messages to end up being caught by spam filters! We know that you aren't sending spam messages, and our platform already protects against the vast majority of filters, but it can still happen if you are not careful. We have compiled some tips to ensure your messages are delivered smoothly to your contacts. 

  • Avoid link shorteners, especially commonly used services like and TinyURL. Each message can have up to 1600 characters so you have the room to include the full link in your message.
  • Always send an introduction message before making an ask. Not only will this help with spam filters, but it's a best practice for communicating with your contacts so you don't have to constantly answer "Who is this?"
  • Avoid excessively using caps lock. Sometimes caps lock is appropriate (like with the word FAFSA), but most of the time it appears as yelling and excessive capitalization has been shown to trip up spam filters. 
  • Use emojis appropriately. Emojis are a great way to make your messages have a little more personality, but stay away from long strings of emoji text.
  • Do not excessively include phone numbers in the body of your texts. Sometimes you need to direct your contacts to another number to call and including this resource is great. However, in some cases, setting up call forwarding for your account is the better solution. This way, your contacts can just call the number they've been texting! Talk to your Implementation Specialists or Account Manager about setting this up.
  • Do not include your name at the end of every message. Texting is not email, so you don't need to sign off each of your messages. If you've sent the recommended introduction message, your contacts will already know who is on the other end.

We also have created this nifty guide you can print out and distribute to your users that explains more about these tips and tricks to avoid spam filters.  


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