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Since we launched the New Signal Vine in July, we’ve received some fantastic customer feedback. This feedback has allowed us to fix issues and make updates to the platform to make it better than ever. We truly appreciate all of your feedback so far, and please, keep it coming! Reach out to support with your suggestions, feedback, and comments.

So far, we’ve released quite a few new features and improvements, but we’ve also got a list of features and updates on the horizon. Check out these features below.

New Features We've Released

Sent messages

The sent box has returned to your message inbox. You can now see what messages have been sent in your programs, whether they were sent automatically, as a new bulk message, or as part of a one-to-one conversation. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Search and filters can help you narrow down what you need.

Scheduled messages

Now you can see messages a contact is going to receive in the future, both in the message inbox and in the message history within the contact record.

Marking conversations

You can now explicitly mark conversations as read, as well as perform bulk actions on conversations - including moving them between the Action Needed and No Action Needed folders, marking them as read or unread, and adding or removing flags.

New user management section

We're revamp the user management section! Included in this revamp are several new options, including the ability to filter and search your user list, invite users in bulk and see user permissions at a glance.

Unread and search result counts

Yes, counts have returned! The inbox now shows the number of unread messages in each folder, and searching your contacts will give you a count of how many match. 

New Virtual Advisor Questions

We've revamped the UI for managing your Virtual Advisor and added more than 100 new questions


Based on customer feedback, we’ve made numerous updates since the launch of the New Signal Vine. Check them out below.


  • Reading a conversation should once again properly mark it as read.
  • Sending a message will no longer mark a conversation as unread.
  • Sending a message will no longer move that conversation to Action Needed.
  • The list of conversations in Action Needed will no longer spontaneously disappear when scrolling.
  • The conversation window will no longer automatically scroll down when a message is sent.
  • Typing a time in a message no longer opens the emoji picker.
  • Group filters are now filtering properly for all customers.
  • Counselors who don't have permission for a whole program can no longer select to send to everyone in the program.
  • Simple search for messages now correctly includes searching recipient and sender names.
  • Lists no longer load empty when no programs are selected.
  • Selecting a program in the Program section now immediately and correctly changes to that program.
  • Larger CSV uploads can now be performed.
  • Deleting a bulk message scheduled in the future no longer throws an invisible error.
  • The order of programs no longer randomly changes depending on what you're looking at.
  • Empty groups no longer disappear.
  • The count of selected programs and groups in modals are no longer always 0.
  • 'Add Counselor' no longer appears twice for users who can add users.
  • Removed an extra space that appeared after adding a merge field to a message.
  • Switching between users or accounts will no longer get stuck at login.
  • The send button when composing a new message no longer occasionally becomes unresponsive.
  • Carriers that require file extensions on images in MMS messages should now receive the correct file extension.
  • Calendar messages now shows the correct count of recipients.
  • Contact exports are working again.
  • New groups now show in the Inbox without needing to refresh.
  • Sending a message no longer requires hitting 'Send' more than once.
  • Recipient count no longer disappears when using ALL CAPS in a search term.
  • Updating a contact phone number now happens instantly upon save.
  • The Sort By option for conversations is working again.
  • Adding profile fields no longer adds HTML into the message composition window.
  • Default fields are once again able to marked as read-only.
  • Boolean fields that allow no selection are now displaying properly.
  • The 'confirm delete' dialog now shows the correct time of the original message when deleting a message from the Calendar.
  • Contact profile fields are now being retained when returning to a message draft.
  • Program admins can once again see the list of users who have access to their program.
  • It is no longer possible to have multiple controls overlap each other.
  • A number of misspellings have been corrected.


  • Adjusting your search criteria or group selection within a modal no longer changes the results until you confirm the changes.
  • We've made a number of improvements under the hood to make search quicker and more reliable.
  • Marking messages as flagged/unflagged or actioned needed/no action needed now happens immediately after clicking.
  • All drop-downs should now look like drop-downs.
  • Receiving a new message no longer clears out any reply you've been composing.
  • The contact list view now references 'Last Outbound' and 'Last Inbound' instead of 'Last Sent' and 'Last Received' to eliminate confusion.
  • You may now search for responses sent by the Virtual Advisor.
  • The action icons above a conversation have been adjusted to make their action clearer.
  • The folder icons in the Inbox have been changed to make the folder hierarchy clearer.
  • The date-time picker has been adjusted to allow for manual entry.
  • Export files now order fields in the same order as they are shown in the platform.

Microsoft Edge

  • Removed an extra 'Clear' button that appeared for Microsoft Edge users.
  • The cursor is now properly visible when selecting date fields in Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge would freeze when editing messages with template variables.
  • Fixed an issue where some Microsoft Edge users were unable to send a one-to-one message.
  • Microsoft Edge users should now have their conversations correctly scroll to the oldest unread message.


  • The emoji picker now has all skin tones!
  • The emoji picker now always closes when hitting the escape key.
  • The emoji picker, date picker, and merge field picker no longer close one another when one is opened.


  • The “all” inbox is now the default when loading the message inbox for the first time.
  • The program ID has returned to Program settings.
  • The signalvine_id has returned to the Contact view.
  • Added a summary of criteria and number of recipients to messages created from filtered search results.
  • Added feedback when a file is too large to be imported.
  • Scheduling for new bulk messages no longer shows Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Customers can now select groups with fewer than 3 characters in their name when composing a new bulk message.
  • The 'no engagement' values in Analytics should now match what is reported in Signal Vine Classic.

What’s on the horizon

We’re still working hard on the New Signal Vine and have many things planned for the platform. We’ll be releasing new features every week, so stay tuned – and check back here for updates!

New and/or improved features

  • Multi-part messages: Yep, we missed this. Don’t know how, to be honest. Multi-part bulk messages will return in a future release.

Also on the horizon…

Note that this list is constantly changing and it would be a disservice to try and list everything we’re working on. These are a few key things we’re trying to make sure we resolve:

  • Having an option to select ONLY a program/group without deselecting everything by hand.
  • Being able to see opt-in status as part of the inbox.
  • Being able to see group assignments in the inbox.
  • Introducing a slide-out panel that shows contact profile fields in the message inbox (so you don’t have to click through to the profile to see them).

Specific glitches to be addressed:

  • Messages composed from search results do not show the recipient count.

Again, keep the feedback coming! Reach out to us at

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