How do I see my most recent messages?

When you log into the Message platform, you will see your messages organized into three inboxes: All, Action Needed, and No Action Needed. “All,” as you might guess, contains all of your messages sorted chronologically with the most recent first. But this isn’t the best place to start working! Many of the messages that are in the “All” folder were responded to through automation, so there won’t be any next steps for you.

The best place to go to respond to outstanding messages is “Action Needed.” This is where all the text messages from students go when a member of your team needs to step in and respond because Message did not or was not able to respond. The “No Action Needed” folder houses all the messages that Message’s automation responded to on behalf of your organization. You can take a look at what was sent, but there’s no action needed from you or your staff as the automation has sent the response.

To recap, whenever you log into the Message platform, go right to the “Action Needed” inbox. You’ll see your most recent messages at the top and you can start responding. Happy texting!

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